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Welcome to the Elite Guard website.  Elite Guard is a fun and friendly guild that is content and pvp oriented on the Arcadian Forest server in Order & Chaos Online.  The guild leaders are Cruise and Lauralie. 
Guild News


Cilvyenn, Sep 23, 11 11:52 AM.
Rumour has it that battlegrounds will be very similar to the battlegrounds in World of Warcraft.  For those of you who didn't play that, it is very fun!  You can enter with a team or single and you are in a large arena against other players.  You fight each other for an objective whether it be capture the flag or team deathmatch.  There is not a date yet for this content to be released but if you check the arena NPC it does say "Coming soon!"

Member Photos

Cilvyenn, Sep 23, 11 11:40 AM.
If you like, you can add your member photos on the right side of the screen.  Just choose to upload a photo!


Cilvyenn, Sep 23, 11 11:35 AM.
Please register to become a member!  We can begin using the forum now! Any feedback or suggestions, please let me know! - Zangetsui

New Website

Cilvyenn, Sep 23, 11 11:22 AM.
Our website and forum is up and running!  It is currently under construction so please check back for more updates and news!  Please register as a member to gain the full benefits of the website.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Cilvyenn, Sep 23, 11 11:10 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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